Leighanne A. (Brammer) Basta

Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department

Welcome to the Basta lab!

Professor Basta is a biochemist and trained mechanistic enzymologist who studies bacterial cell wall enzymes. Her diverse training background allows her to tackle projects that span the biology-chemistry continuum. 

Currently, her lab studies mycobacterial LD-transpeptidase enzymes toward opportunities for antimicrobial development. She has trained a number of midshipmen with interests in biochemistry and medicine, and many of her students have gone on to study at prestigious medical schools.


Phylogenetic and biochemical analyses of mycobacterial LD-transpeptidases reveal a distinct enzyme class that is preferentially acylated by meropenem.

Zandi TA, Marshburn RL, Stateler PK, Brammer Basta LA

ACS Infect. Dis., vol. 5(12), 2019, pp. 2047-2054

Structural insight into the inactivation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis non-classical transpeptidase LdtMt2 by biapenem and tebipenem

Bianchet MA, Pan YH, Brammer Basta LA, Saavedra H, Lloyd EP, Kumar P, Mattoo R, Townsend CA, Lamichhane G

BMC Biochem., vol. 18(1), 2017, p. 1

Loss of a functionally and structurally distinct LD-transpeptidase, LdtMt5, compromises cell wall integrity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Brammer Basta LA, Ghosh A, Pan Y, Jakoncic J, Lloyd EP, Townsend CA, Lamichhane G, Bianchet MA.

J. Biol. Chem., vol. 290(42), 2015, pp. 25670-25685

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SC111 - Foundations of Chemistry I

The first in a two-semester sequence presenting the fundamental laws and theories of chemistry. Naval applications of chemistry are introduced throughout the courses to provide an awareness of chemistry in normal Navy operations.

SC112 - Foundations of Chemistry II

This is the second in the two-course foundations of chemistry sequence. See SC111 for a general course description. Naval applications including corrosion, nuclear power, boiler water quality, aircraft deicing, and scuba diving will be emphasized.

SC335 - Biochemistry I

The chemical basis of life will be examined by studying the relationship between the structure and the function of biological macromolecules. There will be an overview of modern biochemical experimental methods.

SC495/6 - (Bio)chemistry Research Project

Two-semester research course where students will work 6 hours a week in lab with Prof. Basta. Research in Prof. Basta's lab fulfills the Biochemistry concentration research requirement.

SB251 - General Biology I

Intro to fundamental principles of biology are introduced, including metabolism, cell structure & function, classical & molecular genetics, & evolution.

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Leighanne A. (Brammer) Basta

Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department


Chemistry Department

United States Naval Academy